What’s in a Cover – 1?

In one of the Archies comics that I read as a child, there was an episode where Waldo Weatherbee is playing baseball. He is a plus-sized man and not many take him seriously until they see him hitting home runs. Jughead, who is watching this game, turns towards those who were not sure of Waldo […]

Why Write a Mystery Thriller?

This is another question I get asked very frequently. Why did you choose mystery novel as the genre for your writing? It is exciting to write a thriller. It is tough to write a thriller. If written well, it keeps the reader hooked. In fact, if thought well, it keeps even the writer hooked, with […]

Three Frustrated Men – The Sequel to 12 Angry Men

In a hot jury room in New York City, 12 men discuss the innocence or guilt of a teenager accused of murdering his father. As time passes, they begin to question their own values and morals. Yup you got it right, it is about the heading of this blog. 12 Angry Men was a movie […]

Happy Birthday, Smoke Your Worries Away

So why isn’t there a sad sunglass emoji? To show that I am unhappy and yet I am cool! Imagine being at a place where you feel at equal peace between happiness and sadness. Where is that place? is such a place eve possible? And would you want to be there? Is that even the […]

You Pray for Rain, You’re Gonna Deal With the Mud Too!

Gurgaon Roads are amazing! On the same road sometimes you see a pig, sometimes a Bentley, and sometimes, a pig in the Bentley! So said a famous stand-up comedian. This time I won’t give his name. You want to guess it? But you don’t have to guess this one – I am sure you remember […]

Bharat’s Big Fat G20 Wedding: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Gaye Ji

I have to tell you this. I could not resist writing a sequel. And whether you have read the first one or not, you are going to love this one. But if you read the first one first, you enjoy this one a lot more. Context hai ji!!! ABBG TPOG PKIG UPOG If you are […]

Bharat’s Big Fat G20 Wedding

How many of us have attended at least one big fat wedding? Chances are most of us have. Those who have attended Punjabi weddings, or weddings in India inspired by Punjabi weddings, would know the ‘big fat’ about these weddings. Some of the important functions that take place are as follows. A little bit of […]

My Reading Habit 2

I enjoyed reading the Mahabharat and Ramayan texts as a part of the school curriculum. For me, it was a revision of sorts. Remember I had mentioned how I was initiated into reading poetry, Ramayan, Mahabharat and comics from Amar Chitra Katha by my father? But this revision was way more detailed than what I […]

My Reading Habit 1 

I must have been in my 3rd or 4th standard when my father introduced me to reading by gifting me a book of poems. Not just any poems, but the works of the great Leo Tolstoy. It was a collection of his poems translated into Hindi. I still remember the first one from that collection […]