Indian Thriller Novels by Nitish Bhushan

Love Swipe Blackmail is a fast-paced mystery thriller woven around three couples, three best friends, two mysterious women, two exes and one dating app. The narrative is spun around interconnected & interrelated critical sub–plots made rich by characters sometimes closely related & at others remotely related with the protagonists.
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Ravi is in a steady & loving relationship with Vandy. And yet he is conflicted by his desires. So he downloads a dating app to connect with like-minded ladies. Someone steps on Ravi’s digital fingerprint and threatens him with spilling the beans to Vandy. Unknown to Ravi, Vandy has her own demons from her past. Unknown to the blackmailer, Ravi has a very resourceful bunch of friends that the blackmailer never accounted for. Unknown to Vandy, she gets much needed help from someone she could hardly imagine.
A thrilling account of how loving someone, but swiping for someone else leads Ravi to a blackmailer. And how after all the ups & downs, Ravi & Vandy come to terms with their past, present & future.

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