Welcome to my literary home, the place from where I am going to introduce you to my self
– Nitish Bhushan
Getting educated at IHM Bangalore was a thrilling experience. That is where we were trained by the best teachers in the hospitality business. Mostly I used to love my kitchen sessions. Tell you a secret? I find cooking very thrilling. It is not as if cooking is a mysterious profession to be in, or a secretive art to learn, but I find the very idea of creating something, gratifying. So at home, I am the official brewer – whether it comes to stories, tea, coffee. And don’t we have lots of stories to share with each other over tea or coffee?
My family tells me that when I cook food, I make a mess in the kitchen. Be that as it may, I love cooking for friends and family.
Studying at SIBM Pune was an adventure at a different level. The assignments, the deadlines, the internship interviews, the job interviews. It was all IHM redux, but with elevated thrill levels. Life was a tough adventure, competition was high. I am grateful to God for having surrounded me with the best of persons as my friends.
Now, I have spent more than two decades in the tech industry. And India’s IT industry’s story is no less an unanticipated roller coaster ride than the best thriller novel ever. I guess it is all these ingredients of my life that gave me the ‘keeda’ of writing a thriller novel.

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