A Designer’s Diary: Unveiling the Cover of “Love Swipe Blackmail”


For those of you who have read What’s in a Cover – 2, here is my take on designing the cover. Creating the cover for “Love Swipe Blackmail” was like navigating through a maze of thrillers, mysteries, and tech-savvy twists. As a designer, it’s not often that you get a project that combines the essence […]

Five Hilariously Good Reasons to Not Read “Love Swipe Blackmail”

Warning: This blog has been authored by Mahima Khandelwal, the arch frenemy of Anju Nagpal who wrote Why You Should Swipe Right on “Love Swipe Blackmail”. 1 – You Value Sleep Over Suspense If you prefer your dreams to be peaceful and your nights uninterrupted, then “Love Swipe Blackmail” might not be for you. Indian […]

Why You Should Swipe Right on “Love Swipe Blackmail

why you should

In a world where Indian suspense thriller novels are as plentiful as samosas at a wedding, why should you swipe right on “Love Swipe Blackmail“? Well, if you’re tired of the same old chai and chaat routine and craving a spicy twist, this book is your perfect masala mix. Firstly, let’s talk about Indian thriller […]