Her Musing Verse 

her musing verse

‘I would love to see what you would come up with in the Sequel!!’ She texted me the above expectation or a challenge, if you will, as a part of her private review of Love Swipe Blackmail. She? A book reviewer, but also a compulsive good-book lover, something that I realised the very next day […]

Reader Not Found! 

There are two things that are unique to this reader, not counting the fact that this reader is not to be found! Let me start with the second uniqueness first. She-who-cannot-be-found, talks of the protagonist going from Sofu(n) to Sofu(cked). And (I loved it, when she wrote in her review) that for her, reading Love […]

The Mysterious Message from Ms. D

It was the 19th of March 2022, a Saturday. My Instagram handle notified me that someone has posted a story with my novel Love Swipe Blackmail in their hand, adding the caption, ‘Happy Saturday @AuthorNitishBhushan’. It is usually the author’s place to take their readers on a journey of thrill. Little did I know that […]

Agni, Facing the Red Sun

If the title has spooked you, trust me it spooked me too when I coined it. What the hell does it even mean – Agni, Facing the Red Sun. It is not as if I am thinking of possible titles for the authors of Indian suspense novels to choose from????. But like in all the […]

What’s in a Cover – 2?

In the previous blog we have already established the difficulty we went through in designing the right cover for Love Swipe Blackmail. Here’s how we had progressed. Like I reported to you in the last blog, Love Swipe Blackmail is a mystery thriller. And we wanted it to be counted amongst the top Indian thriller […]

Is Love Swipe Blackmail a work of fact or fiction?

What does this question tell me? That the storyline is relatable. Many readers have asked me this question – whether it is fiction or real-life story. So let me share with you all the story behind the story. As I have mentioned on my home page, ‘When the worm of a thought grows up into […]