What’s in a Cover – 2?

In the previous blog we have already established the difficulty we went through in designing the right cover for Love Swipe Blackmail. Here’s how we had progressed. Like I reported to you in the last blog, Love Swipe Blackmail is a mystery thriller. And we wanted it to be counted amongst the top Indian thriller […]

Why Write a Mystery Thriller?

This is another question I get asked very frequently. Why did you choose mystery novel as the genre for your writing? It is exciting to write a thriller. It is tough to write a thriller. If written well, it keeps the reader hooked. In fact, if thought well, it keeps even the writer hooked, with […]

Is Love Swipe Blackmail a work of fact or fiction?

What does this question tell me? That the storyline is relatable. Many readers have asked me this question – whether it is fiction or real-life story. So let me share with you all the story behind the story. As I have mentioned on my home page, ‘When the worm of a thought grows up into […]