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Author Nitish Bhushan
When the worm of a thought grows up into a crocodile, I write!
– Nitish Bhushan
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Love Swipe Blackmail novel by Nitish Bhushan




Love Swipe Blackmail is a fast-paced mystery thriller. Early readers called it out as a page turner, curiosity builder, deceptive, suspenseful, unputdownable, captivating, and a story with unexpected twists and turns. As a first-time author I was glad to receive this feedback. Also, quite a handsome number of my readers have reached out to me asking for a sequel. It is in the works.
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Whenever I meet my readers, I make it a point to ask them how did they feel after reading Love Swipe Blackmail. What were the initial thoughts that came to their minds and how was their reading experience. Student readers tend to associate their classmates with one character or the other, and share with me tales of friendly adventure. Those who are in their careers reminisce how they used to trust, depend and call upon their friends in the time of their need.
So you see one way or the other, our sweetest memories are around our friends and the things we do for them and the things they do for us. When you have friends on your side, the size of obstacle, doesn’t matter.
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Nitish Bhushan: Indian Thriller Author

No author can write without reading first. My early readings were stories from the Ramayan, the Mahabharat and Indian freedom fighters. I found these narrations gripping, adventurous, filled with backstories and layers and layers of mystery. In fact, some of the backstories keep you on the edge, won’t call them nail biters, but yes, engaging, curiosity-piquing, and at times even suspenseful – especially the stories of our freedom fighters.

My journey to Becoming an Indian Thriller Writer

With time, I developed an interest in reading astrophysics and quantum mechanics. There is just so much of thrill in the stories of the atoms and the stars. Then there were stories of Indian military heroes. Nothing can be more thrilling than what our heroes have had to endure to keep us safe and free.

So when the thought of writing a novel myself arose, I thought to write something that gets counted amongst the best thriller books by Indian authors. Of course, one would want to be remembered as the author of the best thriller books of all time. I am sure with my hard work and your blessings, it will happen. Explore my work & delve into the world of Indian suspense literature here.

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I welcome your mails at nitish.bhushan76@gmail.com. For speaking enquiries, publishing rights, film or media queries, feedback, or simply to connect with me, send me a message using this form.
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